I don’t know what to write about today. I had “meh” day today and it is the same old routine. I woke up, ate breakfast for almost 12nn, ate snacks then took a bath, computer session (like what I am doing right now) , eat dinner and go to sleep. I admit and I really hate routines (the number one reason why I left my previous jobs). I can’t find the joy in routine. It is just “meh” and boring , no wondering why people loves to watch dramas and movies. So for once in a while, they will forget about their mundane lives they have.

I just wrote my “about” page or “girl the behind the blog” page rather. The page is very mundane also (nothing spectacular) . I wrote what I look like physically and the reason why I have two blogs.

You might be wondering! Why I have two blogs? Actually to be exact I have more than 2 blogs yes it is true. It shows how fickle minded I am and I am not embarrassed about that. Although some people may think that I don’t have goals and future.

I felt that for almost everyday of my life I think about it. Why ? Why people care too much? Why they care about my life? Who cares what will happen next in my life? People are so nosy that’s what I will be become.

The truth is I don’t know anything in my life. My life is like any other “meh” day and it was monotonous. Whenever I feel listless and not motivated to do anything. Sometimes I think my mind drifted somewhere else.

Sometimes I wish my mind will take me along somewhere else. A place where no one will judge, to play and pray to God.

Just today I think my instinct pushed me to go the church. I felt that something bad is bound to happen. I felt that I need to do it and stop whatever it may be. Today is the longest prayer I had. It felt good to pray and letting all your worries to the Lord. Today is a routine “meh” day. But what makes today special? It is letting my instinct to go the Lord and praise him.




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