Why it happened?

“Why it happened?”

┬áJust this day I ended watching a Korean drama and everybody thinks it ended so sadly. In my part it ended realistically and well deserved. In fact I learned that even though we love somebody. We always ended up with the person who loves us more. It means loving a person wholeheartedly is not a guarantee it will be happy ending. After all life doesn’t have happy and perfect life it doesn’t end that way. The truth is I didn’t expect to cry in a bucket because of this unexpected ending. I cried really hard that knowing maybe someone out there, who loves you dearly and willing to fight the odds Just to be with you, even though they are not forcing you to love them back.

If I will be given a chance hopefully I will find a person who loves me more. I believe somebody out there will do that for me. A selfless person and my unsung hero even if I die in his arms he will never leave me.

“How it happened?”

This is next question after “Why it happened?” is this question “How it happened?” . In fact no matter how hard we try to to fight for someone. If that person is not willing to fight for us. It becomes nonsense and useless. After everything happened to me and endless questions about “How it happened” and “Why it happened?” occurred me a long time. Silly as it may sound you might be thinking I’m crying for a fictional story is so shallow. But I learned lot that real love truly surprises us in so many ways. The questions about “Why it happened?”and “how it happened?” there are answers remains unknown for now. You will know the answers someday may be not day. The answers will reveal when the right time comes around.



I don’t know what to write about today. I had “meh” day today and it is the same old routine. I woke up, ate breakfast for almost 12nn, ate snacks then took a bath, computer session (like what I am doing right now) , eat dinner and go to sleep. I admit and I really hate routines (the number one reason why I left my previous jobs). I can’t find the joy in routine. It is just “meh” and boring , no wondering why people loves to watch dramas and movies. So for once in a while, they will forget about their mundane lives they have.

I just wrote my “about” page or “girl the behind the blog” page rather. The page is very mundane also (nothing spectacular) . I wrote what I look like physically and the reason why I have two blogs.

You might be wondering! Why I have two blogs? Actually to be exact I have more than 2 blogs yes it is true. It shows how fickle minded I am and I am not embarrassed about that. Although some people may think that I don’t have goals and future.

I felt that for almost everyday of my life I think about it. Why ? Why people care too much? Why they care about my life? Who cares what will happen next in my life? People are so nosy that’s what I will be become.

The truth is I don’t know anything in my life. My life is like any other “meh” day and it was monotonous. Whenever I feel listless and not motivated to do anything. Sometimes I think my mind drifted somewhere else.

Sometimes I wish my mind will take me along somewhere else. A place where no one will judge, to play and pray to God.

Just today I think my instinct pushed me to go the church. I felt that something bad is bound to happen. I felt that I need to do it and stop whatever it may be. Today is the longest prayer I had. It felt good to pray and letting all your worries to the Lord. Today is a routine “meh” day. But what makes today special? It is letting my instinct to go the Lord and praise him.