Princess to Queen

When I was a kid I always love to be in front of the crowd. Although I was an ugly duckling back then, but as the time goes by I slowly learn how to be confident. Until now I can’t directly say that I am already confident. But based on my experience, it took me years before I became a bit confident. College came and I transitioned from a shy high school girl into a college girl who loves to be in front of the crowd. I started modelling (not professionally) in our school organization. Every time I face the crowd I turned into a another person. Before my stint or my turn, I always feel butterflies in my stomach and heart is pumping crazily.

Now I can say that college is over since two years ago. I can say I became depressed and sad due to post graduate blues. It was hard to find a job and my self confidence really shrink down. Then I started to be hired in different companies but it didn’t take long. I tried so many things to improve myself-English, fashion designing and currently painting (I really enjoy it).

Until just yesterday I wanted to outgrow my “princess” mentality and wanted to be a queen. I know it will take me a lot of time and effort. I was once lost in a Barangay beauty contest way back four years ago. I cried a lot and I told myself I will never be a beauty queen or join in any beauty pageants. Then I decided to join Bb. Pilipinas and I know it will be cutthroat and competitive. I asked myself “why not give it a try?” , there is nothing to lose, if I didn’t get in then it is fine (I can try again next time). If I will get in then I will do my best to make it. Then awhile ago I jogged 15 times and do cardio later afternoon. I only have 2 weeks to prepare my vital stats. I need to eat lesser than I used to consumed before. It is purely hard work, dedication and discipline. While I was jogging awhile ago, I always thinking that I’ll do everything for myself. I will do it to improve myself and I will not do it for someone else. It will be a hard journey but all I can say, win or lose this journey to be a queen of my own is worth it.